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Education, Specialties, and Credentials

My Education

I’ve worked very hard to educate myself, so that I can be as effective as possible as a psychotherapist, give you the best information, as well as help you gain insight and lead a better life. To make a difference in your life is of course great for you and very fulfilling for me.

My theoretical orientation is Eclectic (many theoretical perspectives), and the primary theories I use are Family Systems, Psychodynamic, Humanistic/Existential, Cognitive, and Behavioral. As a result of my education, my many years of practice, my non-judgmental attitude, my directness, and my enthusiasm, you’ll have the opportunity to gain valuable insights, and most likely we’ll get to the root of your concerns quickly. At the same time, it often happens that your self-confidence will grow.

An aspect of my education that is unusual in a psychotherapist is my doctorate in sociology, which has provided me with skills that enable me to place your issues in a broader sociological context. That means that I also see you as part of a culture, a society. Your issues may be more common to a particular group, which could be relevant to how you and I think about them. Such a perspective is often very useful in helping you work through your issues more quickly and with a better, deeper understanding of them.

And last, but certainly not least, my nine years as a Flight Attendant with United Airlines contributed significantly to my education, particularly my understanding of people and of myself.

Common Issues Addressed in My Practice

•    Relationships

•    Anxiety

•    Depression

•    Addictions

•    Grief

•    Pet Loss

•    Career

•    Crisis Intervention

•    Personality Disorders

•    Life Transitions

•    Creativity


•    Primary Specialty: Relationships
•    Other Specialties: Anxiety, depression, addictions, grief, pet loss, crisis intervention, creativity


•    Marriage and Family Therapist



•    Ph.D. Medical Sociology, University of California, San Francisco
•    M.A. Clinical Psychology, Antioch University, Los Angeles
•    M.A. Sociology, San Francisco State University
•    B.A. Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles


Professional Memberships

•    Member of the California Association of Marriage Family Therapists (CAMFT), 1990–present
•    Certifications: Chemical Dependency



•    Charlie: A Love Story, a memoir about one of my Golden Retrievers and our extraordinary relationship, published 2012.
•    Happy Harry: A Magical Golden, about the happiest being I’ve ever known, canine or human, published 2023.

Past Lecturer in Sociology

•    San Francisco State University
•    University of California, Los Angeles
•    Antioch University, Los Angeles
•    California State University at Los Angeles
•    California State University at Northridge


Continuing Education (Topics studied, selected)

Traumatic Stress in a Disaster; Law and Ethics: Anxiety Disorders; Domestic Violence; Borderline Personality Disorder: Narcissistic Personality Disorder; Bipolar Disorder; Men and Depression; Parkinson’s Disease; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; Psychopharmacology for the Mental Health Professions; compulsive Gambling; Meditation, Mindfulness and stress Management; Depression; Women’s Health; Addictions; Alcoholism;  Animal-assisted Therapy; Parenting; Creativity; The Healthy Personality; Male-Female Communication; The Relational Unconscious; Effective Couples Counseling; Nourishment and Diet; HIV and AIDS; Child Abuse, Family Therapy.

Happy Harry cover.png
Happy Harry: A Magical Golden

Harry prances through life, with an attitude we all would be fortunate to have, facing life's hard knocks head-on with his wonderful, very happy spirit. Harry’s story is inspiring and unforgettable. Find out more here.

Charlie A Love Story cover.png
Charlie: A Love Story

Charlie was Barbara's loyal confidante and best friend. He was indomitable and had a zest for life and an uncanny emotional intelligence. Charlie: A Love Story is about devotion, joy, loss, and renewal, about never giving up or giving in. But mostly it's about an extraordinary dog and an extraordinary relationship. Find out more here.

Lampert - background 2.JPG
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